'Tomorrow Remember Yesterday' 2006 is one of Melvin’s latest works. The piece is a composite loop for projection using footage from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” 1975 and “About Schmidt” 2002. Edited in slow motion, we see two versions of Jack Nicholson positioned side by side. Over time we notice the most minimal of exchanges across the film plane, both Jacks appearing disturbed and confused as they ponder each other. We are instantly reminded of our own mortality as the Hollywood screen icon, immortalised by film, reflectively see-saws from present to past and back again. The repeated loop is accompanied by a meditative sound loop taken from Adam Melvin’s score for 'Exposure' (the second movement of “Three Glimpses” 2006 – a work created in collaboration with the artist). It serves to complement the actions on screen and evoke a state of trance.

tomorrow remember yesterday
video work